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The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the richest areas in the world for cave diving.
The geological nature of the soil in combination with millions of years of erosion (due to the combined effect of rain and the acidic solution produced by decaying plants), have given rise to miles of underground passages. For years these caves and caverns have been alternately dry and flooded, creating some of the most incredible underwater landscapes in the world.
Sac Actun, Hox Bel Ha and Noch Och are some of the most extensive underwater cave systems in the region and together represent over 345 kilometers of galleries! This makes these systems together the longest submerged cave in the world.
To be able to safely experience the beauty of this environment, you must first be trained in special cave diving techniques. This will guarantee you years of safe underwater exploration.
To begin your cave diving training, you must be a Sidemount diver (with about 15 dives of experience in this configuration) or take an Intro to Tech course (in Backmount configuration) before beginning any other type of training.
Becoming a good cave diver takes time, patience and humility. But it is well worth it because it will make you a better diver and open the door to places that few divers get to visit.

If you want to discover the basics of cave diving, the Cavern course is the first step…

Although you will remain within the limits of natural light, the techniques you will acquire during this course will constitute the basis of all your future more committed dives.

Duration and Program: 4 days

  • This Cavern course is divided into 3 sections
  • Including Theory and practical application (harness adjustment)
  • Open water training
  • And overhead environment training.

Prerequisite for participation:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Have a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
  • Have at least 30 logged dives
  • Have a medical certificate less than 12 months old (downloadable form).

*** Equipment is not included in the price of the course – It is preferable that you have your own equipment in order to get used to diving with it, if this is not the case do not hesitate to contact us we have technical equipment for rent. ***

Course Objectives :

  • To teach you the procedures, techniques, knowledge and limits of Cavern diving (use of only one of your personal reels, penetration within the natural light distance, maximal penetration distance 60 meters / 200 feet from open water environment)
  • You will learn to lay a line using a reel in a team, with appropriate propulsion techniques and proper communication
  • You will learn to solve problems in overhead environments such as entanglements, loss of visibility, out of air emergencies, etc.

Certification requirements : Complete all the requirements for the course and to complete a minimum of 4 dives in open water and overhead environment.

Teaching materials : TDI Overhead environment manual or eLearning (available only in English for the moment)

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