Started on November 1, 20228am -> 2pm1/2 Day - 2 Dives

Discover the largest underground network in the world ….

Rainwater has trickled through the limestone soil over millions of years to make way for the world’s longest underground river. Parts of the surface have collapsed over the years creating chasms called cenotes, openings to this incredible underground world. Diving in a cenote is a unique experience. These caves are windows into the world’s largest underground river system and were sometimes used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings.

Their water is so clear with a visibility of over 150 meters that it will make your cave diving an unforgettable adventure. In some cenotes you will see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, gigantic colones, amazing light effects due to the sunlight that passes through the cracks in the ceiling and the halocline effect – the layer of salt water that meets fresh water.

There are many cenotes in the area, all different, special and unique. With an Open Water Diver certification, it is possible to dive in these incredible cenotes. For your first cenote dives, we will take you to the classic cenotes.

*Once you are familiar with cenote diving or if you are more experienced, we can take you to other deeper cenotes.

Program and Schedule : 

  • Departure from the dive center
  • Daily departure at 8am each morning.
  • You will leave for 2 dives in 2 different cenotes.
  • Return scheduled for 2pm
List of Cenotes Classic :

Below is a list of normal cenotes accessible to Level 1. There are a multitude of cenotes to choose from and with the advice of our experienced cenote guides we can help you choose which one(s) to explore. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Chac Mol
  • Chikin Ha
  • Taj Ma Ha
  • Jardin del Eden
  • Dos Ojos
  • Orchidia
  • Dream Gate
  • Casa cenote

What should I bring? 

  • Certification card
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Fill out our PADI Medical Questionnaire.  This form is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in the recreational diver training. If any of the items in the medical questionnaire apply to you, you must consult a physician before participating in the dive.

Highlights : 

  • Infinite Visibility
  • Dive into the fresh water
  • Geological formations
  • Halocline
  • Unique experience
  • Play of light
  • Atmosphere

What is included ? 

  • Two dives in two different cenotes
  • Scuba tanks and weights
  • Rental of dive lights
  • Round trip transportation from our dive center to the cenotes
  • Entrance fee to the cenotes
  • Certified multilingual scuba diving instructor – Full Cave Diver
  • Bottled water
  • Snack sandwich and fruit on the way

What is not included? 

  • Equipment : If you prefer to travel light, we rent quality diving equipment. The daily rental fee is $20 US for the complete dive package (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel).
  • Photos and videos : Keep a beautiful souvenir of this diving adventure with one of our photographers. Please book this service in advance.
  • Transfer from your hotel: For those staying in nearby hotels, Dune Mexico Playa del Carmen offers a shuttle service to and from the dive club. Please book your hotel transfer in advance. Please contact us.
Questions about the price?
  • All prices are per person.
  • All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  • Our prices include 16% sales tax.
  • We know that things can happen before or at the time of your vacation. That’s why we are 100% honest with our refund and cancellation policy. Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

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