The 12 days of Christmas start on December 26 and run up until 6th January.

So we have prepared the ultimate must-do Christmas list for Riviera Maya for your holidays…12 amazing activities that you can do with us here at Dune Mexico Blue Dream.

DAY #1: Look for moray eels in the reefs of Playa del Carmen.
First up on DAY #1: Come and spot some spotted and giant green moray eels hiding under ledges and crevices in the reefs of Playa del Carmen. Some of the best reefs in Riviera Maya are located only 5 minutes from the shore off Mamita’s Beach, from where our boats depart twice a day. It’s the easiest ride and you’ll come back with an amazing diving experience!

DAY #2: Myth-busting with Bull sharks.
Bull sharks are on of the only sharks that can live in both salt and freshwater, so they migrate to the Riviera Maya, attracted by the freshwater of the cenotes that runs into the ocean in the south of Playa del Carmen.

Join our resident bull shark expert Al on an educational dive to learn about these majestic creatures that grace us with their presence in winter from November to February. Be prepared to have some myths busted about their behavior, hunting habits and so much more!

DAY #3: Go turtle-spotting as your snorkel just minutes from the shore.
You don’t need to be a diver to enjoy the incredible coral reefs. Snorkeling the Reef in Playa Del Carmen can be an amazing experience, without all the heavy equipment and the freedom of surfacing for air at any time.

Our boats leave from Mamita’s Beach only 100 meters from our dive shop, and the best reefs for snorkelling are only 2 minutes away from the shore.

If you don’t dive, or have family who doesn’t, this is the perfect way to have a great family day out in the water.

DAY #4: Dive into Caribbean shipwreck history at Mama Viña or C-53 Felipe Xicotencatl.
If you’re interested in the history behind the ocean, you have to pay a visit to Mama Viña to the south of Playa del Carmen, or to the less-visited C-53 Felipe Xicotencatl in Cozumel. They each have amazing histories of service to the Caribbean and after being purposely sunk to provide the Riviera Maya with artificial reefs, now have an abundance of marine life that have made it their new home over the years.

The sunken vessels are also great ways to hone your skills in diving in an overhead environment in a Wreck Diver specialty.

DAY #5: Level-up your diving abilities with specialties or go-Tec.
After Open Water and Advanced courses, there are plenty of ways to hone your skills as a diver. PADI specialties can improve your abilities such as navigation or buoyancy, or you can choose an elective that allows you to explore more aspects of diving, such as deep diving, photography or Enriched Air Nitrox.

If you are curious to know what lies beyond recreational diving, our 5-star Course DIrector Camille can introduce you to the world of technical diving, and show you why the Riviera Maya is the perfect place to push your limits to explore a new method of immersion. Go Tec today!

DAY #6: Let the current take you with a drift dive in Cozumel.
If you come to the Riviera Maya, you cannot leave without taking a trip over to the pristine island of Cozumel. Due to strict local regulations, the reefs off the island are beautifully preserved and the incredible reefs and wall are considered to be some of the best diving in the world today.

The Gulf Stream international current that flows past the island makes for some of the best drift diving in the Caribbean. Lie still and glide effortlessly on a drift dive that takes you along a wall that spans down to a depth of over 400 meters. There is no diving like it! Come with us over to Cozumel on your next trip to Riviera Maya.

DAY #7: Dive under the mystical Mayan jungle in the Cenotes.
Diving in a Cenote is a unique experience. These caverns are windows to the world’s largest underground river systems and were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. Their water is so clear with over 500 feet visibility that it will make your cavern diving adventure unforgettable. People come from all over the world to dive under the Mayan jungle – there’s nowhere else in the world with the same history, energy and cultural significance.

Another great part about Cenote diving? The weather conditions in the ocean don’t affect the pristine, calm waters of the caves and caverns, so there’s no excuse to miss out!

DAY #8: Snorkel with the fastest fish in the world: the Sailfish.
During the winter every year, the Mexican Caribbean sees the arrival of one of the fastest fish in the ocean: the Sailfish. And we have the opportunity to snorkel and swim with them in their natural habitat. They come attracted by the abundance of sardines in this area, which form huge schools moving as a single giant animal.

Imagine…schools of sailfish shooting in from all sides, opening their back fins, heads whipping side to side as they use their bills to bat sardines with remarkable precision. The are only here i winter, so they are the perfect activity for your Christmas list.

DAY #9: Take part in the most fun and valuable course: Rescue Diver.
When asked, divers all over the world say that of all the courses they have done, the PADI Rescue Diver was the most rewarding and challenging course they have done. Most of all, it was also the most fun they have ever had on a course.

The Rescue Diver course not only teaches you have to save yourself, but how to notice problems and save others from peril in almost any situation that goes awry during a recreational dive. After the course, you will feel so much more confident under the water, knowing that you know how to deal with all situations that can occur. It also makes you a very attractive dive buddy for others! 🙂

DAY #10: Learn what it’s like to work in the dive industry: Divemaster internship.
Have you ever been curious what it is like to work in the dive industry, to leave your office job and travel the world, being paid to dive? The Divemaster certification is the first step into the professional world of diving instruction.

With two available options of 2 or 4 weeks, you will learn leadership skills under the water, how to organize and solve problems as well as help others improve their scuba skills. You will emerge with a certification that allows you to guide certified divers, and assist instructors with classes. It’s the perfect introduction to the world of scuba diving, an what better place to do it that in Playa del Carmen?

DAY #11: Don’t just dive: Come with us to explore Mayan Ruins.
The mystery of the Riviera Maya does not end under the water with us – journey with us to the archaeological site of Tulum to investigate the ruins of a port city of the Mayan civilization. See the remains of the palaces and temples that still show a wealth of paintings and decorations from the stunning cliff-top location. Next, we stop at Cobá, considered one of the most important cities at the height of Mayan civilization. Marvel at its many powerful monuments and representations and climb the highest Mayan pyramid that is permitted to scale today.

Bath in the crystalline waters of a closed cenote and finish your day at the stunning white beach Playa Paraiso. There is no all-round better tour to discover the most famous and mysterious aspects of Mayan culture. Book directly by contacting us today.

DAY #12: Get out of Mexico and across the world with DUNE Liveaboard experiences.
Dive-eat-sleep-repeat. If you are the kind of diver that gets sad at the idea of returning to shore and could spend days on the water, it’s time to escape on a liveaboard adventure! There’s nothing compared to surfacing on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, and nothing to do for the next week but dive-dive-dive. That, and making lifelong friends that understand your deep passion for the underwater world. DUNE has an international presence ranging from France and the Maldives Egypt, Sudan to Indonesia. FInd your next adventure today!

There’s no better Christmas list ib our opinion than these hand-picked adventures by our team here at DUNE Mexico Blue Dream. Which of these will be on your Christmas list?

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