People from around the world come to Playa del Carmen to see the world-famous bull sharks. As sharks are the number one predator in the ocean, they still spark a lot of fear and misrepresentation in media, leading a lot of people even divers, to tremble in their diving boots when thinking about diving with one.

Our resident Dive Guide, Al, is an expert in bull sharks, and he has some tips for you to prove why you absolutely cannot miss diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen this season.

Diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen México at DUNE Mexico Blue Dream is definitely a lifetime experience – for a lot of reasons!

Bull shark diving: Is it safe?
Absolutely! Bull shark diving represents one of the most spectacular seasonal dive adventures that you will never forget. What is it like to dive with bull sharks? Our guides will take you through the entire concept: to observe, analyze, sense and appreciate these majestic creatures. From a safety perspective, we have a team of professional guides and shark specialists who are there 100% to guide you securely and smoothly through the experience to ensure you are safe, secure, relaxed and enjoying your dive.

Learn about one of the oceans most extraordinary predators.
The most impressive reason to dive with bull sharks with us… you will leave with an intensive learning experience to see and appreciate these astoundingly intelligent and graceful creatures from the minute you enter shark point (only 4 minutes from shore).

Some bull sharks can reach lengths of 4 to 11 feet (3,5 m) and weigh up to nearly 700 lbs (315kg). They have the capability to sense us more than anything else. The bull shark eyes have a large spherical lens & cornea, sensitive to bright light, but better vision at dim light, that’s why usually on our dives you will witness that they can detect electricity (which is emitted in small amounts by every living animal).

This is due the fact that have a special network of jelly-filled canals in their heads called the “ampullae of lorenzini ” that detects electric fields.

That’s the amazing experience of diving with DUNE Mexico Blue Dream, you’ll observe and experience that bull sharks can sense ‘vibrations’ using the lateralis system, which are fluid vessels that run along the length of the shark body under their skin. That’s exactly why it is impressive to see how they swim in front of our dive formation at the sandy bottom (85 ft/25 m) back and forward using this system.

Learn how to sense and observe bull sharks with care and respect.
You may ask, “do they hear us?” … Absolutely! Bull sharks are very sensitive to low frequency sounds and have directional hearing. The endolymphatic pores on the top of the head are the only external evidence of their ears.

So, that’s why you will enjoy a vibrant constant swimming of bulls far around, due the fact that bulls must swim constantly or they will sink, especially bulls have to rely upon a huge oily liver to provide them buoyancy.

That’s basically why bull sharks can’t swim backwards, due the pectoral fin that limits their ability to swim. However that’s how they communicate their body language, and that’s exactly the perfect moment to read their behavior; f they are happy, excited, anxious or active.

At DUNE we will show you how to read lots of interesting patterns,to understand completely that we do not need to feed or recklessly and irresponsible engage any violent energy to get them close. We develop the capability to observe them with care, love and admiration, whilst keeping the our top recreational dive standards and safety a top priority!

Get certified with the first qualified bull shark dive specialty centre in the world
If you’re like me and you love bull sharks, you can now become a recognised PADI certified Bull Shark Diver. Our custom-developed Bull Shark Diver Specialty course educates students on the value of sharks to marine ecosystems as well as local economies. The course covers how they hunt, swim, sense and dispels common misconceptions about sharks.

DUNE Mexico Blue Dream was the first, and is possibly still the only dive centre IN THE WORLD to offer this specialty, which was written by our instructor here and specifically for this special diving area in the Riviera Maya. Do not miss out on your unique chance to become one of the only people in the world to achieve this certification. Enquire today.

DUNE is absolutely proud to extend the invitation to all our divers around the world to join us this bull shark season to learn, love and appreciate bull sharks and all sharks more than ever. You’ll never regret you did it, it’s a lifetime memory with us…all our DUNE team are waiting for you!

Bull shark diving season in Playa del Carmen is from November to the end of February. Enquire now to book your place! They have already arrived!

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