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When usually are your dives?

When would you like them to be? Really! We customize our schedule to yours. Are you a morning person? Do you prefer to sleep in? Do you enjoy night dives? Do not worry about it! We’ll make it all happen.

How many people are there per group?

Mexico Blue Dream is known for its small group excursions and therefore we take max 6 divers, and only 4 divers when we go to cenotes. But usually, they will be a fewer divers in our groups. We’re big supporters for seeing more fish than bubbles underwater.

What kind of dives can I expect in Playa Del Carmen?

Playa Del Carmen is a diver’s dream! Located on the world’s second longest barrier reef system, the region is home to an incredible variety of underwater adventures from wall diving to drift diving, wrecks, swim throughs, coral formations, and caves; there is something for everyone – if you would like more info on the kinds of dives to expect please let us know.

When is the best time of year to visit Playa Del Carmen?

This really depends on what you are looking for. The quietest time here (least likely to see other people) would be during May and June and our wet season, September through November. January through April is our high season and also, not so coincidentally, pleasant temperatures. Summer is the hottest time, from May through August. Whale Sharks are here from May to September, Bull Sharks from November to February and Sailfish from December to March. The great thing about Playa Del Carmen, underwater is always good! We always have great visibility (80ft+), plenty of action, and warm water.

What are average water temperatures?

Water temperatures hover around the low 80s / 30 °C year round but can dip into the high 70s / 26 °C in January and February. Cenotes water temperature is 74 °F / 24 °C throughout the year. Most people are diving in a shorty wetsuit or a long 3mm suit. We do offer suits for rent, including full suits for the cenotes.

Should I bring my own gear? Is equipment included?

By all means! We encourage divers who own their own gear to bring it along. It’s much nicer to dive in equipment that is familiar. However, that being said, we have well-maintained name-brand rental equipment (Cressi and Scubapro). So, if you’d prefer not to deal with airline luggage hassles, we’ve got you covered.

  • For snorkeling excursions: full set of equipment is included (wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, life vest).
  • For certified diver excursions: weight belt and tanks are included. Rental equipment is $5 usd per piece / $15 usd per complete equipment (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel).
  • For night dives and cavern diving: torch / flashlight included.
  • In all our trainings up to Divemaster full equipment is provided. From the IDC level and up, it is mandatory for any professional to have their own professional equipment.
What type of tanks and valves do you provide?

We have 12-liter aluminum tanks with yoke type k-valves. All tanks can be used as DIN/INT connections. Nitrox is available on request.

Graphic Din Yoke

Can I snorkel while others dive?

Of course you can! We’ll do our best to find great dive sites for scuba as well as snorkeling. There is also great snorkeling in the Cenotes and Cozumel and we can accommodate both snorkelers and divers.

Can non-divers go on the dive boat?

Of course! There is plenty of room for riders. They will enjoy being on the water and be able to watch the dive operation in action. Who knows, after seeing how much fun the divers are having, they may just decide to become a diver too. Riders only pay $20 usd in Playa, $45 usd in Cozumel, $40 usd in Cenotes.

Do you accept dive referrals?

Yes, we do. Chat with us before you arrive, so we can make sure we get all the right paperwork from your instructor.

Does the divemaster give a briefing on the dive site?

Yes, our divemasters and instructors love to share their knowledge about the reefs and wrecks with you, and tell you important things about diving from the boat and safety.

How many different dive sites do you have?

We visit about 30 different reefs between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel and more than 15 different Cenotes. Specific site availability depends on the weather conditions and the group experience.

How do I prevent seasickness?

Several over-the-counter medications are on the market for motion sickness. While not exactly a medication, we recommend Ginger Mint Natural Oils (on sale in our boutique) or Motioneaze, a blend of natural oils that is dabbed behind the ear and is claimed by some to work well as an anti-seasickness remedy. Also, the morning of the dive, avoid greasy or acidic foods and juices, and be sure to be well rested and hydrated.

Are there special considerations for cameras?

We provide separate rinse bins for underwater cameras. Also, we offer a PADI Digital Underwater Photographer specialty course upon request which specializes in editing and enhancing underwater photos.

I’ve lost/forgotten my certification card – can I still dive?

If you have a PADI certification, we can look up your details on the PADI website. All we need is your name and birthday. If you contact the dive center where you were certified, they can help you obtain a new card before you travel. If you are not certified and have no certification card and no logbook, we reserve the right to not allow you to dive, however you can sign up for one of our beginner courses.

Do I need a Doctor’s certificate?

The purpose of the Medical Questionnaire is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in recreational diver training. A positive response to a question does not necessarily disqualify your from diving. A positive response means that there is a preexisting condition that may affect your safety while diving and you must seek the advice of your physician prior to engaging in dive activities. If any of the items in the Medical Questionnaire apply to you, you must consult a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.

Are there sharks out there?

There are sharks in all areas with salt water. Playa Del Carmen has the privilege to welcome bull sharks between November until February. It is an incredible and safe deep dive for advanced divers!
All year long, you can also have the chance to spot nurse sharks, totally harmless. And the last but not least, May to September is our Whale Sharks season, you can snorkel with the biggest fish in the world. They are very docile creatures, eating only plankton, and are harmless and non-threatening to people.

Should I bring food on a dive trip?

Absolutely! The crew loves pizza, home cooking, or just about anything! You know how being on the water having fun make you hungry. All joking aside, we provide bottled water for all trips, snacks for Cozumel and snorkeling trips and lunch for Cenotes trips.

How long should I wait to fly after scuba diving?

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before flying after diving–better safe than sorry–but if that’s not possible, the following shows the minimum guidelines for different diving circumstances, based on flying in commercial aircraft.

  • A single dive within recreational limits: 12 hours
  • Multiple days/multiple recreational dives: 18 hours
  • Decompression diving (planned or unplanned): 24 to 48 hours

Do I need to reserve before my trip?

It is always better to reserve in advance to secure your space as we keep receiving reservations everyday. We recommend you to book your tours on the first days of your vacation, that way if the weather is not good, you will have other days left to reschedule or even to book more dives.
A deposit is required to confirm diving reservations. Balance is due upon arrival. Groups are responsible for all spaces booked unless reservations have been changed in due time to enable us to fill the resulting vacancies.
Deposit payments are acceptable in cash or Paypal. Cancellations received and acknowledged at least two days prior to arrival qualify for full refund of deposit.  Read the Terms & Conditions.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

Mexico Blue Dream does have a group pricing program for clubs and dive shops. We offer discounts as well as a leader spot to dive with your group. Call us for a group pricing detail sheet. We will take special care of your group, and we will assist you with any logistic challenges you may have. Let us show your dive group a great trip!

Any More Question?

If your question is not answered below then feel free to contact us, by email or phone from the US or Mexico (two separate numbers) we are always happy to help!

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